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Building a Future for Your Heirs  Today





A Will is a written instrument providing for distribution of a person's property upon their death.


A Trust is an entity created by a person which results from the transfer of property to another person or institution with instructions regarding the management and distribution of the property. 



Probate is a process authorized by statute to clear title to the decedent's property, to pay the decedent's creditors, and to distribute to the beneficiaries the property of the decedent.


We offer guidance in structuring both pre and post nuptial agreements.  


Both a guardian and conservator are a court appointed individual or entity that assist the minor or adult with their health and financial affairs when they are unable to do so themselves.  A guardian, when appointed by the Court can legally make medical choices and care decisions for a minor child, incapacitated adult, or developmentally disabled person.   A conservatorship may be needed if the child or incapacitated adult needs assistance with the management of their assets, property, business affairs, or debts. 


Trust and estate disputes can arise from challenges to a trust or will, breaches of fiduciary duties, defending a removal action by a beneficiary, determinations of liability, and delivery of trust and estate assets, to name a few.  Our firm has over 28 years of experience resolving many different types of litigation arising from the administration of trusts and estates.



You may come to our office first to develop your estate plan, but our experience can also readily assist you with many business matters from formation to liquidation, from acquisition to sale, and from succession planning to owner transactions. We can act as general counsel for your business to coordinate your many legal, financial and business advisors and issues. 


Our Vision

Building a Future for Your Heirs Today

     Located in Eagle, Idaho serving the greater Boise metro area, our firm takes pride in helping you choose the best path for your future and the future of your heirs. Whether it is a business venture or a complex estate plan, we will persevere in satisfying your needs. With many years of experience, we can help you take care of your loved ones through guardianships, conservatorships, planning for succession of your business, preparing trusts for your children or disabled family member, estate tax planning, and preparing and implementing all phases of your planning needs for all stages of life.


     Your peace of mind is important to us from the moment you walk through our doors until you walk out with your fully executed documents in hand. Your trust in us will not be taken for granted.



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